Nick Brosnahan

New Blog

I’ve decided to get my blog up and running again, and I’ve selected Octopress on the recommendation of Matt Gemmell. It’s a statically-generated website from a set of templates that are run through a bunch of rake tasks using Jekyll. Ruby almost always makes me happy.

I’ve also decided to host this blog on after the whole anti-SOPA fervor that surrounded I think both companies are struggling under the load that this movement has created. GoDaddy is doing everything they can to avoid bleeding-out and Namecheap is struggling to keep up with all the GoDaddy refugees banging down their door.

We’ll just have to see how things go on MoveYourDomainDay. I have feeling it’ll be a little like the scenes from Braveheart with massive numbers of bodies lying on the field of battle and wounded survivors wandering through the fog in a daze.