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A while back, on a trip to Washington, DC we were gathered around in my Mom and Dad’s apartment to meet my sister and her kids. It came out that my sister had been prepping my niece Lizzie about the various members of the family she was going to be seeing and one of the things she was taught was what Uncle Nick likes to eat. It went something like this:

My Sister: “Lizzie, what does Uncle Nick like to eat?”

Lizzie points at me.

Lizzie: “Nick”

My Sister: “Yes, that’s Uncle Nick. What does he like to eat?”

A huge smile would spread across Lizzie’s face.

Lizzie: “Bacon”

Well, I do love bacon, and steak, and pork ribs, and BBQ chicken, and all manner of other tasty meats, but I’m realizing more and more that the combined efforts of the food industry and the weakness of our congress has created a cloud of confusion around food and its healthfulness.

We’re told:

  • “Eat a lot of protein, less fat”.
  • “Keep your calories from fat to less than 1/3 of your total caloric intake.”
  • “Drink lots of milk for strong bones and teeth.”
  • “Omega-3 fatty acids are key for health.”
  • “Eggs are very healthy.”
  • “Limit your carbohydrates.”
  • “Moderate exercise three times a week is good.”

Sadly, Americans are fatter and fatter, and sicker and sicker every year. It’s because all this USDA/FDA tiptoeing advice is polished bullshit that’s been filtered through the “profit impact filters” of every corporation and middleman who might be affected by any significant change in the American diet status quo.

Being healthy means ignoring everything that the government or the food industry tells you because they’re both trying to make you sick. And they’re doing a great job of it and it’s profitable.

Bill Maher has an awesome rant about this:

I recently watched two movies and read two books that all point in the same direction.

First, the movies:

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead Forks Over Knives

Both of these movies are scary yet both present people who watch them with a hard-to-ignore call to action: “Stop eating meat, dairy, and sugar and just eat vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. You’ll be thinner, healthier, and feel whole a lot better.”

Next, the books:

Eating Animals The China Study

Both of these books could be categorized as “advocating vegetarianism”. The first concentrates on the cultural reasons for eating meat, the production of that meat, and the associated cruelty with eating meat, but in the end, it leaves the reader with no real call to action, instead letting the information settle and people might do the right thing.

The second book is a shocker. I mean “Holy Shit” sort of shocker. And it’s all backed up by referenced scientific, peer-reviewed studies that all shout the same thing:

“Meat, dairy, and sugar are all slowly poisoning America”

It’s that simple, and no one in the food industry or the government wants to change that, because there’s no profit in selling bell peppers.

So, over time, I’ve been ramping down on my meat consumption and increasing my physical activity and I’m now at the point where I’m trying to go vegan. I don’t think I’ll be perfect, but I’m not even really trying for that. What I’m trying for is that on a day-to-day basis, I don’t want to even consider meats or dairy part of my diet. I strongly suggest that everyone watch these movies and read these books, especially The China Study.