Nick Brosnahan

Moving to Paris

Since Anne and I have come out of stealth-mode and started telling people that we’re packing up the family and moving to Paris, most people’s general reaction follows this approximate timeline:

  1. Shock or surprise that we’re moving out of the country
  2. Initial curiosity about how that is going to work
  3. More shock or surprise that we’re not going to be working in Paris
  4. For co-workers, a jarring realization that we won’t be around to do work for Apple
  5. Further curiosity about what we plan to spend our time on.
  6. Another realization that they had always wanted to do something like this.
  7. A general happiness for us and that we are very brave to be doing this.
  8. A kind of pensive look as we part company.

I hope that everyone I work with and everyone I’m friends with in the Bay Area understand that this has been coming for a long time. Way longer than the nine months that it took to plan this trip. I think the first time Anne and I discussed living in some other country was like a decade ago.

How well or poorly work was going had minimal influence on us. This is a big, life-changing experience that we both wanted our kids to have in middle school.

I also want people to know that we do indeed intend to return to the US, to our house in Sunnyvale, and that the current plan is to be back in August of 2014. Now, life has a tendency to change, so I can’t promise anything.

Until then, I’m hoping to be able to update folks here and elsewhere on the Internets as our adventure proceeds.

Au revoir.