Nick Brosnahan

February Trips

Family Pic

We recently got back from our February vacation. This is, of course, another of the kid’s school vacations. The French school system is 7 weeks on and 2 weeks off, so we have a lot of vacations to fill. The French usually just stay at home I guess, but we’re not that sort of lazy. The kids are rightly upset at us that we drag them off to exotic locations and they complain loudly (sometimes). We pay absolutely no heed and inject them with culture regularly.

So, our recent trips have included:

As much as they grumble, I feel that they are beginning to really get a lot out of these little side trips. They are both getting very good at adapting to changing circumstances and their navigational skills in strange cities are both developing nicely.

Even though they would like to eat pasta and hotdogs for every meal, they are starting to be more curious and accepting of other foods that are available to them. I love that Kellen is always trying to understand and speak French and even a little Spanish when we were in Barcelona.

Kyra is always excited to light a candle when we visit churches, and they both love walking on walls and standing on little pillars that they find.